Serving Size

Feeding Rabitat Baked Patties

Once Rabitat baked patties are thawed for best results serve warm.  To warm up, place in microwave safe dish and heat for 10 seconds time may need to be adjusted according to your microwave.

Feeding Rabitat Chubs

It is important to only serve Rabitat raw products when completely thawed.  Frozen foods can be difficult for animals to digest.  Never microwave any RAW pet food.  Microwaves cause the fat molecules to radically change, making fats less digestible, and ultimately they can become harmful to your pet’s long-term health.


As a result of increased digestibility and greater nutrient density of a raw-food diet, you are able to feed your pet less food daily when compared to a non-raw diet.  Our suggestion for feeding your pet is based on 2-3% for adult dogs/cats and 4-8% for puppies and kittens.  For adult pets 1 year or older, feed 2-3 % of their body weight daily.  For puppies and kittens feed 4-8% of their body weight daily.  We recommend feeding adult pets twice a day and puppies and kittens 3 to 4 times daily.

Keep in mind that our feeding chart is an estimate.  Factors such as level of activity, age, health, metabolism and breed play a part in necessary feeding quantities of all animals.  Please be sure to monitor your pet’s dietary needs and adjust the feeding quantities accordingly.

1.5-2.0%Weight Loss or Non-Active
2.5%Maintain Weight
3.0%Slight Weight Gain
4.0%Significant Weight Gain
4.5-8.0%Puppies/Kittens (4-8 weeks)
4.0-8.0%Pregnant/Lactating Females
Pet Weight Patties Chubs
101/21/4 lb
2011/2 lb
4021 lb
6031 1/2 lb
8042 lb
10052 1/2 lb

Serving Tips

Thawing and Portioning

To simplify the handling and feeding of Rabitat Chubs and patties, stage individual containers with a day’s worth of food in your freezer. When you use the thawed product from your refrigerator, simply place a pre-portioned container in your refrigerator to thaw for your pet’s next feeding.  A real-time saver! In the refrigerator, you can safely store up to 5 days’ worth of food for dogs and up to 3 days’ worth of food for cats.

Quick Thaw

To quickly thaw our 2 lb. chub rolls, fill your kitchen sink with cold water.  Place chub into the water and let thaw.  Using this method, the chub will thaw completely within 2 hours.  If you prefer to portion the chub for individual feedings, you can thaw for 10 minutes in your sink and slice into patties using a sharp, serrated knife.  Patties can be refrozen.

To quickly thaw our Rabitat Patties, place the appropriate number of patties per feeding into a zip-seal, water-tight bag.  Fill your kitchen sink with cold water. Place the bag with patties into the sink and thaw completely. Using this method, patties will thaw within 30 minutes.

Product Approximate Thaw Time
2 lb ChubWithin 18-24 hours in refrigerator
PattiesWithin 6-10 hours in refrigerator