Your Pet's Fast Track To Good Nutrition

Dog & Cat Food: Fresh ground rabbit, Vacuum sealed patties

"Improving your pet’s nutrition means improving their health and quality of life. Many pets suffer from food allergies. Food allergies cause gastrointestinal problems, itchy skin and ear infections. Using a novel protein like rabbit meat exclusively is one of the best diagnostic tools and treatments for food allergies. Keeping extra pounds off our pets can be challenging just like it can be for us, and like us the extra pounds can cause numerous health problems. Rabitat offers a protein rich alternative to traditional pet foods that will help you manage your friends weight."

Christopher Norwood, DVM

Complete & Balanced Nutrition For Dogs & Cats


Health Benefits:

  • low fat
  • low cholesterol
  • no preservatives
  • easily digestible
  • easy on most allergy suffering pets
  • made in the U.S.A.

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